Our investment team intensely monitors the global investment and financial markets and identifies the resulting opportunities and risks.

They use these findings to provide you with regular investment proposals ranging from short-term trading ideas to medium- and long-term investment recommendations.

  • You are proactively informed on investment opportunities and trading ideas.
  • You are in regular and close contact with our investment experts.
  • You take your own investment decisions

The role of our investment team is to provide additional technical support and facilitate access to market information in order to answer clients’ questions. Clients may, for example, ask their relationship managers for an analysis of their portfolios, with requests aimed at adjusting investments according to certain risk and return guidelines. Similarly, some clients that are active in financial markets may ask for investment proposals to cover specific themes. The Investment Consultancy Unit also makes a contribution to solutions involving structured products and in cases of portfolio optimization with a view to providing a guarantee to cover commitments.



We offer investment support and solutions tailored to your investment needs. This means:

  • You receive customized investment solutions and quarterly investment themes
  • You benefit from our advanced structured products capacity and innovative platform
  • You have access to our portfolio models and recommended lists (equity, bonds and funds)
  • You can take advantage of full portfolio review and monitoring tools (eg. weekly calendar and price alerts)
  • You get access to private market opportunities and investment club deals
  • You benefit from an extensive research platform



Mediobanca SGR is the asset management company under the Italian law of the Mediobanca Group. Thanks to the strong specialization developed with regards to some specific asset classes, it offers a range of investment solutions that includes the establishment and management of open-ended mutual funds (UCITS) and closed-end funds (FIA), delegation of management of Sicav sub-funds, asset management in delegation, management of mandates for institutional clients and Financial and Portfolio Advisory (F&PA) services.



CFRA is committed to be the world’s leading independent investment research firm with 75 global analysts, authoring in-depth qualitative research on 1,500+ companies. In addition, CFRA offers a comprehensive view on global sector themes, industries, and funds, through in-depth qualitative research on 11 Sectors, 68 Industries, 1,800+ ETFs, 22,000+ Mutual Funds, as well as quantitative company research on 11,000+ global companies.



With 95 independent CreditSights analysts, spanning across Europe, Asia and the US, covering 35 industries across seven broad industry groups and six market sectors, the depth of market and sector intel sets CreditSights apart. Publishing over 40 pieces of research daily, CreditSights is an unparalleled source for idea generation around what’s moving the market.