Your needs and ambitions are unique and personal.

For us thinking ahead means listening, understanding and building advanced product solutions designed around you. Our ambition is to offer the most advanced financial framework to support you in achieving your goals.


Our solutions for looking ahead.
Banking ahead means providing an advanced and disciplined approach to wealth management.
We have developed a unique and proven method over the last twenty years, with premium ongoing support and enhanced account reporting. The quality of our knowledge is demonstrated by robust performance driven by an effective mid to long-term strategy.

  • Created in 1988, CMG is a leader in Monegasque fund management (almost 60% of funds under Monegasque law)
  • Team of 9 asset management professionals based in Monaco
  • EUR 2.3 bn AUM
  • A track record of 30 years in Monegasque fund management and 15 years in the management of Luxembourg Sicav.

Our team of highly-qualified investment experts made of investment specialists, equity sales-traders and FX sales-traders, can advise you on managing investments and making the right decisions to drive your wealth ahead.
We take care to inform you about market developments, insights and opportunities.

Banking ahead means excellence, clarity and transparency about the quality of execution.
This allows us to seize the best opportunities on international financial markets.
Our skilled professionals are at our customers’ disposal to advise them and better execute orders and strategies.
You can interact with our team of specialists and let them handle your transactions.
We keep looking ahead, creating reports, data intelligence, articles, podcasts and business cases to share our experienced point of view.


Banking ahead means benefiting from your financing capacity through tailor-made lending solutions in line with your personal needs and situation. Our strength lies in our ability to bring you advanced personalized solutions through a team of qualified on-site professionals.


It's never too late to start looking ahead to the future.
A well-crafted wealth transfer plan can make a difference for the people and causes that matter most to you.

We specialize in efficient and customized structuring, protection and passation of wealth.
We create advanced, compliant and sustainable solutions to protect your assets and facilitate the transfer of wealth between generations.