Established in 1946, Mediobanca has always strived to offer clients highly specialised, innovative services in financial advice, consumer credit and asset management.

Renowned for specialisation, professionalism and discretion in its client relationships, Mediobanca has earned an unrivalled reputation in Italy and a growing European recognition.

Since its foundation, Mediobanca has blended tradition and innovation in all three of the Group’s areas of operation, each of which contribute equally to performance as a business: investment banking, private banking, and wealth management.

  • 70 years of history
  • 60 years on the stock market
  • 4,805 professionals
  • 2.5 bn euro annual income.



This combination has distinguished Mediobanca since 1946 and, over the years, has made it unique in the way it operates.



The common factor linking the different identities of the Mediobanca Group is the high degree of specialization in each of the business areas, combined with the expertise of the staff.



Our approach based on meticulous attention and deep respect for our customers and partners guides our professionalism, discretion and ability to anticipate our clients' needs, qualities that have always set us apart.

A lean boutique-style organization that facilitates personalised assistance, decision-making speed and the ability to attract professional talents.



Our professional approach, and our respect for Mediobanca’s traditional values, have allowed us to develop a unique reputation in Italy and gain recognition at international level as well.

Stable management ensures indepth knowledge of the business environment, which, along with our long-term vision, enables us to implement large-scale, wide-ranging strategic initiatives.

Capital solidity is based on careful cost and risk management, with exceptional asset quality and significant capital generating capacity.