CMB Monaco’s approach

CMB Monaco’s approach

CMB Monaco, as a Mediobanca Group entity, applies the environmental, social and governance (''ESG'') principles and objectives of the Mediobanca Group on the basis of the principle of proportionality and progressiveness.

In particular, the principles on which CMB Monaco's ESG policy is based aim to:

  • Develop CMB employees' knowledge of the general principles of ESG and its implications for our development;
  • Promote knowledge and facilitate the application of responsible lending and investment processes within CMB Monaco;
  • Reduce the risks and indirect impact related to the activities managed by CMB Monaco;
  • To prevent CMB Monaco from being involved in activities that do not comply with the principles of ethics and integrity that are the foundation of CMB Monaco's way of doing business.

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CMG Monaco is committed to adopting and implementing responsible investment principles. Read the CMG Monaco ESG Policy here.

Our Non Financial Report 2022 is available here.