Owner and Publisher

CMB Monaco
A limited company governed by the laws of Monaco, with a share capital of EUR 111,110,000
registered in the MONACO Trade and Industry Register under number 76 S 1557
The registered office of which is at 17, Avenue des Spélugues
98000 Monaco, Principality of Monaco
Hereinafter, ‘CMB’

Host Company

A limited company governed by the laws of Monaco, with a share capital of EUR 1,687,640 
registered in the MONACO Trade and Industry Register under number 97 S 03277
The registered office of which is at 25 Boulevard de Suisse
98000 Monaco, Principality of Monaco
Hereinafter, ‘Monaco Télécom’


The following definitions apply for the purposes of this notice:

  • ‘Entity(ies)’: CMB Monaco and its subsidiaries.
  • ‘Website’: the ‘’ website.
  • ‘User’: any person who accesses or browses the Website and/or any person who owns a computer on which the Website is accessed and/or browsed, whether that person is a customer or not of CMB Monaco.



The Website is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, except in the event of force majeure, the action(s) or omission(s) of a third party and/or maintenance and services required to ensure that the Website is in good working order. If the Website is down for maintenance reasons and to the extent possible, a warning that the Website will be unavailable may be posted on the homepage or issued by any other means. Neither CMB nor the Host Company will be liable under any circumstances and no compensation will be due in the event of any unavailability or disruption, regardless of the cause.

As there is no guarantee as to the confidentiality or integrity of information transmitted via the Internet, the User must take appropriate steps to protect their messages and data and/or tools.

CMB reserves the right to modify or to temporarily or permanently suspend access to all or part of this Site, at any time, without having to inform Users in advance.
In such case, the Users hereby release CMB from all liability.


Users shall respect the integrity of the Site and shall not hinder or force the operation of the Site, modify, alter or delete any content accessible via the Site, or fraudulently input data into the Site.

CMB may collect personal data when Users access and browse this Site, in particular (i) data that Users provide by filling in the form available under the “Complaint” or “Contact” tabs on the Site, such as their first and last names, company name, email address, telephone number and the subject of the complaint and (ii) data that may be used to identify Users or to contact them in connection with their e-Banking access or browsing on the Site, or to provide follow-up to their requests/complaints.

All these data may undergo automated processing.

They may be recorded in the information systems of CMB or of service providers and advisors that CMB appoints for management purposes.

Personal data may be used by CMB to process Users’ requests and in order to respond to their requests.


Your attention is drawn to the fact that the confidentiality and integrity of information are not guaranteed on the internet. Therefore, messages you send to us electronically are always subject to the potential risk of being intercepted and/or having their content and origin modified. It is therefore your responsibility to take all appropriate measures to secure the access to your personal IT equipment, messages, data and/or tools and to exercise the care necessary in this regard.

CMB declines all liability in this respect.

CMB will never ask you by email to provide it with your logins and other access codes for the e-Banking and/or m-Banking services, your bank card numbers, etc. We recommend that you take the utmost care in the event you receive such messages, to which you should never reply, and we request that you report them to us, if appropriate.


Users are informed that, when accessing and using the Site, certain files (known as cookies) may be temporarily installed and stored in the memory or on the hard disk of their personal computer equipment in order to facilitate browsing on the Site. Cookies are data that are sent from the web server to your browser where they are stored for subsequent retrieval.

Users acknowledge having been informed of this practice and authorise CMB to use it. To learn more about CMB’s use of cookies, Users are requested to view the page dedicated to cookies.

If Users do not wish to save cookies on their hard drive, they have the option of configuring their web browsers and/or devices to refuse cookies before accessing the Site by clicking on this link. In such case, the use of the Site or certain of its features may be altered or impeded.

Users are informed that the “Google Analytics” software is used on the Site, which provides an audience analysis service for the Site, to which CMB Monaco subscribes in order to better serve you. The browsing data collected for these purposes is transferred to Google in the USA, for which CMB Monaco has duly obtained authorisation from the Monegasque Data Protection Agency, the Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives (CCIN).


This Site is an indivisible whole. All elements it contains (information, data, text, audio, images, drawings, graphics, distinctive signs, logos, trademarks, etc.) are the sole property of the publisher, CMB Monaco.

All of these elements are subject to the provisions of the Monegasque intellectual property law and, therefore, are protected against any unauthorised use by the law and these terms and conditions of use.
The reproduction of these elements is authorised for information purposes only and/or to make copies or reproductions intended for strictly private and personal use.

Any other reproduction, display or distribution, in whole or in part, of the content of this Site, on any medium or using any process, is prohibited. Non-compliance with this prohibition constitutes infringement, for which the infringing party may incur civil and criminal liability.
In particular, it is strictly prohibited to use or reproduce the “CMB MONACO” or “CMB” name and/or its logo, alone or in combination with other elements, for any reason, in particular for advertising purposes, without the prior written agreement of CMB.

Similarly, downloading or any other form of copying the software or information on CMB’s Site does not confer any right over such software or information. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce them (in whole or in part), to transmit them (electronically or in any other manner) and to modify them. It is also prohibited to use the CMB Site for public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of CMB.

The MONACO name is a registered trademark owned by MONACO BRANDS. The use of the MONACO name is authorised by MONACO BRANDS, under an official licence.


Access to the Site is free of charge, excluding the fees of internet service providers and telephone communications, which are invoiced directly to Users by the operators.
Access to the Site does not require any prior registration or subscription.
CMB does not provide online services on the Site.
However, access to CMB’s online services (if applicable) is possible from the Site.
The terms and conditions governing access, prices and the provision of online services are set out in an agreement signed by the User and CMB Monaco.
For this purpose, Users are requested to contact CMB Monaco.



In connection with its business activities, CMB Monaco uses IT resources and processes personal information within the meaning of Law 1.165 of 23 December 1993, as amended by Law 1.353 of 4 December 2008, on the protection of personal information, which in all cases are subject to the Monegasque Data Protection Agency, the Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives (CCIN).

CMB Monaco’s clients and visitors to this Site are informed that personal information about them is collected, recorded and processed automatically by the Bank or by external companies for the performance of work that the Bank, at its sole discretion, may subcontract, delegate or outsource.

CMB ensures that personal data is collected for a specific, explicit, legitimate and relevant purpose, in order to provide a high-quality service to its clients. The personal information collected is used primarily by the Bank, which is the data controller, for purposes legally implemented by CMB, which may be explained to you if you submit a request to the CMB Monaco Data Protection Officer, in accordance with Article 14 of the aforementioned law.

CMB undertakes to protect and ensure the confidentiality of its clients’ personal information, as well as to respect their privacy.

CMB implements security measures appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal data to protect them from malicious intrusion, loss, alteration or disclosure to unauthorised third parties.

CMB also requires its service providers to comply with its security principles.


Personal information will be disclosed outside Monaco (transfer and/or storage) solely for the purpose of processing operations outsourced to members of the Mediobanca Group or to third parties duly authorised by Monegasque law and by the Bank, such as regulators, judicial, tax or customs authorities, auditors, insurers/reinsurers, service providers/suppliers, advisors and experts established in a country that may or may not have an adequate level of protection (within the meaning of Article 20 of Law 1.165, as amended) at least equivalent to that provided for under Monegasque law, both for the performance of services provided by the Bank and for IT, technological and/or operational services that the Bank subcontracts.

Personal information may be disclosed, in accordance with Monegasque law, to members of the Mediobanca Group or, at their request, to counterparties, financial intermediaries, official bodies and administrative or judicial authorities, as required in connection with investment transactions or measures to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption.


Pursuant to Article 13 of the aforementioned law, all natural persons concerned by the processing of personal information about them:

  • have a right to access the information about them, as well as the right to request that inaccurate, incomplete or obsolete data be rectified, updated or deleted, and to object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of information about them;
  • may also, without having to justify their request, object to this information being used for marketing purposes or being disclosed to third parties for such purpose.

To exercise these rights or to find out more about our Personal Data Protection Policy, please contact CMB Monaco’s Data Protection Officer.


Any non-personal information that you transmit or circulate on the Site, by email, fax or ordinary post, may be used for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, and in particular may be reproduced, disclosed or transmitted on any known or future medium.


This Privacy Policy is subject to the laws of Monaco.
The courts of Monaco shall have jurisdiction in the event of a dispute.





The Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution (FGDR) is a financial crisis operator. An organisation with a general interest mission, its task is to protect and compensate customers in the event of the failure of their banking or financial institution.
To find out more about protecting your accounts in the event of your bank's failure, please consult this factsheet.



Le Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution (FGDR) is a financial crisis operator.

An organisation entrusted with a mission of general interest, its mission is to protect and compensate customers in the event of the failure of their banking or financial institution.

Find out more about protecting your accounts in the event of your bank's failure: see the factsheet.