The Monte Carlo Philarmonic Orchestra

The Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra promotes Monaco’s image throughout the world. This orchestra, established more than a century ago, stands out for its skill and quality and is a channel of communication unimpeded by language and cultural barriers, thanks to a dimension that transcends the boundaries of classical music.

Based in Monaco, OPMC draws classical music lovers to the Principality. Through its tours and recordings, it has built up an international audience and enhances Monaco’s reputation throughout the world.

The Grimaldi Forum

The Grimaldi Forum, whose construction was begun by Prince Rainier III in 1994, is Monaco’s leading cultural and business tourist centre.

The Grimaldi Forum enhances Monaco’s reputation far outside its borders, bringing it a modern and dynamic dimension through a wide variety of shows and events.

It draws a varied public, with a focus on the upper end of the market.

CMB’s partnership with the Grimaldi Forum reflects the Bank’s goal for excellence as well as its commitment to innovate in Monaco and foster diversity.

The Grimaldi Forum is a multi-faceted amenity that draws Monegasque residents and international audiences with a rich and varied offer.

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum embodies Monaco’s long-standing interest in and commitment to issues that concern the entire world.

CMB is the Museum’s Official Partner and empathises fully with its missions. The Oceanographic Museum is an institution of world repute located in Monaco.

The Museum’s mission is to raise awareness of the seas and oceans and to contribute to their conservation.

The Museum focuses on sustainable development, respect for diversity and responsibility within the community. These are values that CMB shares to the full, in its role of a ‘Model’ establishment, that is committed to, and with a responsibility towards Monaco.

CMB is attentive to its clients’ needs; within a lasting relationship built on total respect for diversity, the Bank treats each client as unique, with unique aspirations, and offers a personalised service to help achieve these aspirations.

The Lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco

The partnership with Monaco’s School of Hotel Management (Lycée Hôtelier) reflects CMB’s policy of strengthening its role as a committed and involved player in the Monegasque community.

The School of Hotel Management in Monte Carlo gives young talent the opportunity to develop, which is an aim that CMB pursues with its own employees.

The skills developed in the Hotel Management School will be put to use in the tourism and luxury hotel sector that represents a large part of Monaco’s economy.

The Hotel Management School strives to achieve excellence and prestige in the area of service, which is the same goal as CMB seeks to achieve in its private banking activity.

Prince Albert II Of Monaco Foundation

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is concerned with protecting the environment and biodiversity. The foundation was established in June 2006 by Prince Albert II of Monaco to promote sustainable development worldwide. The Foundation supports initiatives mainly in the fields of research and technological innovation. It concentrates its efforts on both the public's and the authorities' awareness of the impact of human activities on the natural world and encourages more environmentally-friendly behaviour. It operates to limit the effects of climate change, to promote renewable energies, to safeguard biodiversity, to manage water resources and to combat desertification.

Currently, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is supporting the ''Solar Impulse'' project : the object is to fly an airplane, exclusively powered by solar energy, around the globe. With the strategic control centre being based in Monaco, CMB is proud to be a partner of the Foundation in this project, which is a public demonstration of the Bank’s core values of innovation and competence, in application of green technologies. It is also within the tradition of the values ​​promoted by CMB being respect for diversity and rules : the project is of global scale, it is the result of the collaboration of leading scientists, explorers, companies and requires discipline and absolute rigor to succeed.

Follow the Solar Impulse adventure in partnership with the Prince Albert II Foundation and CMB!