Our values

CMB’s values, as summarised in the pyramid of values, are the cornerstone of the Bank’s service philosophy.

CMB wishes to be the trusted partner that clients turn to for answers to the many questions raised by their personal circumstances and by the growing complexity and unpredictability of the financial markets.

  •  “How do I protect my capital?”
  •  “Who can understand my situation and advise me?”
  •  “What should my objectives be?”
  •  “How do I  manage my estate?”
  •  “How do I  maintain my life style following retirement?”
  •  “How can I provide for my children?”
  •  “How do I  sell my company?”
  •  “Which investments should I make?”

Moreover, clients are often faced with a bewildering plethora  of often complex financial products. Each bank offers its own products.

By listening to its clients, contributing skilled analysis and taking into account the specific needs of each of its clients, CMB has structured its relationship with them, in line with its fundamental values as a client-focused Bank.

The Bank seeks above all to understand its clients’ needs. CMB does not promote products: it offers responses and solutions according to its analysis of the client’s needs.

Lastly, for CMB, professional integrity is a value that allows no compromise and is the basic condition for building a lasting relationship of trust with its clients.