Mission and Values

Our mission

CMB’s mission is based on three core ideas that reflect our strong convictions relating to the private banking business.

Above all, CMB’s concept of service is guided by awareness that the client must at all times be the prime concern for each and every member of its staff.

Secondly, CMB strives to create a work environment within the Bank that allows the staff to provide excellent client service.

Lastly, CMB ensures that it provides top-quality products and services. Private banking requires CMB to deal with sometimes complex issues that call for coordinating different areas of expertise within the Bank, the Mediobanca group and sometimes from external sources.

CMB’s mission has therefore been formulated as follows:


Our values


The issues that arise in financial activities are becoming increasingly complex.

CMB positions itself as an expert  partner for its clients in dealing with this complexity, which calls for a relationship of trust between the clients and the Bank.

The relationship of trust between the bank and its clients is based on CMB’s constant observance of its key values.

The client is therefore at the top of the Bank’s pyramid of values. The attention the client deserves is reflected in CMB’s slogan: “Our Expertise is handling your Financial Assets with extreme care

Respecting clients’ diversity, and that of the Bank’s employees, is the second key value without which a client-focused service would not be possible.

Skill enhancement and innovation represent CMB’s third key value: a commitment to constantly improving its service to clients.

Lastly, CMB affirms that trust cannot exist and continue without absolute professional integrity.

These values are shown in the “Pyramid of values”.

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