Access to financial markets

CMB can offer its clients direct access to the financial markets with execution services or, when clients wish to be assisted in their investment decisions, indirect access. CMB provides customised analysis, followed by investment proposals or, if the client so wishes, by management solutions. In these cases the client entrusts the management of his assets to the Bank, either under a management mandate or by investment in mutual funds.

For experienced investors who are active in the financial markets, CMB also offers an ‘Execution Desk’ service or access through the client’s relationship manager, featuring:

  • skilled staff
  • professional execution capacities with a securities/derivatives trading desk and a forex trading desk
  • front-to-back access to securities covering 40 countries, or 50 including the countries for which special trading authorisations have been obtained exclusively for group funds
  • a structured products activity carried out in partnership with Mediobanca and other financial players

To respond to specific needs arising from the client’s profile or the market environment, CMB carries out an activity in structured products, in partnership with its parent company, Mediobanca, and other reputable financial institutions.

The structured products proposed by CMB are accompanied by special explanation procedures to ensure that clients fully understand how they function and their specific characteristics.