First session of ''Women and Finance; the Academy''


CMB innovates in the Principality by launching an educational training program dedicated to the world of Finance and reserved for the ladies among its clients.

The ‘’Women and Finance Academy’’ held its first session April 26, 2016 at Le Meridien in front of a large audience. The students were happy to participate to this first module on financial vocabulary. The session ended with a virtual portfolio set to be spread over the three main asset classes, equities, bonds and cash.

These virtual portfolios evolve according to the actual conditions of the markets and participants have the opportunity to make trade offs in each of the nine scheduled sessions.

Through this game, they will discover the impact of an investment decision in a complex financial environment and evolving, and will understand the importance of respecting the basic principles in the management of financial assets. They will be able to combine theory and practice. For sure they won’t miss the next meeting!

CMB conference: Design furniture, a growing market


CMB offered its clients to attend a conference, in French language, dealing with the design furniture market, on Thursday, April 21st at 06:30 p.m. The presentation took place in the premises of CREM (Club for Foreign Residents of Monaco) located at ‘’ Mirabeau II '', 1 avenue Princesse Grace in Monaco.

Mr. Flavien Gaillard, a specialist in Decorative Arts of the XXth century & Design - Christie's Paris, gave an overview of the design furniture market of the 20's to 2016: the way it works, its issues and trends. Based on concrete examples and figures, Mr. Gaillard explained how this market is growing. He specified the criteria that make some furniture valuable and he highlighted the features of this market at the crossroads of fashion, decoration and collection.

This event was part of a series of conferences on the theme of ‘’Investments of passion’’.



Conference about the market of vintage handbags collecting


A conference, organized by CMB, about the market of vintage handbags collecting was held on February 23rd 2016 at 06:30 p.m. It took place in the premises of CREM (Club for Foreign Residents of Monaco) located at ‘’Mirabeau II'', 1 avenue Princesse Grace in Monaco. The theme was: “Why go vintage – Handbags as an investment?”

Held in English language, this conference was presented by Mr Matthew Rubinger, SVP, International Director, Handbags & Accessories - Christie’s Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Russia and India. He was accompanied by Mr Cyril Pigot-Kessler, head of Sale, Handbags & Accessories - Christie’s Europe.

The speakers gave an overview of this growing market; explained the changes that have occurred in the last 3/5 years. They specified the criteria that make certain bags valuable. They said how, where and when to buy or sell smart. They explained how an auction is built, with focus on rare or special pieces and with a discussion of dating, identification, grading, and valuation. The questions posed were how to make attractive and fair estimates and what were the best ways to bid. Mr Rubinger and Mr Pigot-Kessler attempted to explain how to get the best value for a purchase of passion, as this event was indeed part of a series of conferences on the theme of ‘’investments of passion’’.




CMB is proud to announce its support to the 6th edition of "L’Open des Artistes de Monaco", held at “La Galerie de l’Entrepôt” - Daniel Boeri - 22 rue de Millo - Monaco, early this year. The aim of this event is to promote young talents and emerging artists through a contest. Over the years, the initiative has grown significantly: Indeed, while the "Open" counted 40 artists in the first year, it now attracts 102 competitors!

The theme this year is "Climate and men". The competition takes place in two steps:

Step 1: Selection from 25 to 30 works of which 3 works on the Internet (with possibility for you to vote on internet) and approximately 25 works by the Jury.

Step 2: Exhibition of the selected works at “La Galerie de l’Entrepôt” and awarding of prizes. Three winners will be chosen and finally the following prizes will be awarded: The Jury Prize (the artist winning this award will have the opportunity to exhibit his work, the following year, in the gallery), the Audience Prize (the visitors’ vote results) and the ‘’Prix Monaco Telecom’’ (Best Photography).

The opening night of the exhibition with the Jury selection will take place on February 16th  and the closing night on March 16th 2016.

CMB and GRIMALDI FORUM: two long-standing partners


CMB’s Management is delighted to have just renewed its partnership with the Grimaldi Forum, its long-standing partner. Indeed, the signatories, Mrs Sylvie Biancheri, General Manager of the Grimaldi Forum and Mr Etienne Franzi, President of CMB, along with Mr Werner Peyer, CEO, met on January 13th, 2016 at the Grimaldi Forum, to sign the renewal of their partnership agreement, for the 10th time.

So, this year again, CMB is '' Official Partner’' of the famous Congress and Culture Centre of the Principality. By supporting the Grimaldi Forum, CMB is pleased to contribute to the development of a program of high quality for 2016; the partnership agreement is applicable to various fields such as culture and business tourism.

CMB is proud to support the Grimaldi Forum that will offer, this summer, to its numerous visitors to come and admire some sixty paintings by the English painter Francis Bacon; some of them promise to be very surprising for the visitors. Through the paintings, we can trace the artist’s stay in France and in the Principality of Monaco where he has lived since 1946; These places have strongly influenced his painting.